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USA Tops in Wind Games 2016

USA Tops in Wind Games 2016Chicago-based VFS team SDC Core flew past the competition with an impressive performance at the recent Wind Games indoor skydiving meet.

The two-day event took place January 22-23, 2016 at the Windoor facility in Costa Brava, Spain. After 8 rounds, the SDC Core team finished out their runs with a total of 227 points. Runner-up was Swiss team Avalon Realfly Sion (the winner in the category at last year’s games) with 209 points, followed by French team Transfert with a score of 188. Audience members and judges alike were impressed by SDC Core’s precision, coordination and acrobatic skills. A reporter from Skydive Mag was on-site for the event and was particularly impressed by the performance given recent set-backs faced by the team:

“SDC are worthy winners, amazingly fast, neat and with every little detail honed. They should be congratulated on an outstanding performance, particularly given they had a new team member just 5 weeks ago as they lost one to an injury.”

Playback of all rounds of all events from Wind Games 2016 are available on the Windoor website. Head over to check out the winning rounds from the USA team, as well as other events including FS open, FS female, 2 way dynamic, and freestyle. This the third year the Wind Games have taken place, and the event grows it adds new legitimacy to indoor venues as a showplace for real skydiving talent.

The SDC team celebrated its victory back home in Chicago, but team members are not relaxing. Instead, they are working hard and continuing to perfect their jump skills as they look forward to defending their gold medal at Mondial 2016, scheduled to take place in September. Remember to bookmark Air Sports Net for the latest skydiving news.;start=150;end=254

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