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World-First Triple BASE Jump

Andy Lewis, nicknamed “Sketchy Andy”, is a professional BASE jumper known for his daring and often risky jumps. In 2015, he completed the world’s first-ever triple BASE jump, a series of three jumps performed quickly from different exit points.

The jump took place at the Fisher Towers in Utah, and Lewis jumped from Dragon’s Nest, Kingfisher, and Ancient Art, three of the towers’ most iconic features. GoPro filmed the jumps, and the video quickly went viral, with Lewis being hailed as a pioneer in BASE jumping.

However, Lewis’s jump was also controversial, with critics arguing it was too risky and irresponsible. BASE jumping is already dangerous, and Lewis’s triple jump added an extra layer of risk. Additionally, Lewis has been criticized for disregarding the law, as BASE jumping is illegal in many areas, including the Fisher Towers.

Despite the criticism, Lewis remains popular in the BASE jumping community. He is known for his skill and willingness to push the boundaries of the sport. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no doubt that Andy Lewis is one of the most daring BASE jumpers in the world.

Details of the Jump:

  • Location: Fisher Towers, Utah (specifically Dragon’s Nest, Kingfisher, and Ancient Art)
  • Date: 2015
  • Altitude: Dragon’s Nest – 400 ft, Kingfisher – 200 ft, Ancient Art – 100 ft
  • Jump Style: BASE jumping (Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth)
  • Parachute: Each jump utilized a single parachute
  • Repacking: Repacked parachute on top of Kingfisher for the second jump

Positive Aspects and Legacy:

  • Skill and Accomplishment: The triple jump showcased Lewis’s exceptional skill and daring, pushing the boundaries of BASE jumping.
  • Pioneering Spirit: Lewis’s feat inspired others and opened discussions about the potential and limitations of the sport.
  • Popularity: Despite controversies, Lewis remains a popular figure within the BASE jumping community, admired for his dedication and achievements.

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