217-way 3 points Sequential World Record

A new world record for a 3 point sequential large formation jump was recorded on October 27, 2017, in Eloy, Arizona.

Skydivers from around the world gathered at Skydive Arizona’s Sequential Games 2017 with the intent of breaking records. The event actually ended without the record but the group of 217 jumpers was determined and voted to pay for two additional jumps. On the very last jump, the group managed to rewrite the record books with a new 3 point sequential record.

After setting the initial formation, those positioned on the edge move to make a new formation twice more for a total of 3 formations or points. To set each additional point, at least 35% of the jumpers have to change position for the record to be accepted.

Earlier in the week the group also set a 219-way  2 point sequential large formation world record.

In the video above, the 217-way 3 point record is shown first followed by the 219-way 2 point world record.