103 Year Old Skydiver Sets World Record

In celebration of his grandsons’ graduation from college, a 103-year-old skydiver, Al Blaschke, set a Guinness World Record. Al jumped out of the airplane with a parachute.

Above all, this is not Al’s first world record. Back in 2017, he tied a world record with a tandem skydiving at the age of 100. Later that same day, a gentleman of 101 broke his short-lived record-tying jump.

According to Al, he doesn’t jump just to jump but will only skydive if there is something worth celebrating. Just seeing his grandsons jump with him is all worth it for him.

I will not jump, just to jump!
I jump to celebrate something!

The trio exited the plane at 14,000 feet over the dropzone of Skydive Spaceland San Marcos. Al admits that he got ‘pretty dizzy’ upon landing, but that’s to be expected at 103. Way to go, Al.

Finally, for all of the JOES (Jumping Over Eighty Society) and JONS (Jumpers Over Ninety Society) out there with an eye on this 103-Year-Old Skydiver’s record, take your time and go for it!