Recon Labs Heads-Up-Display for Skydivers


Recon Labs Heads-Up-Display for SkydiversSkydiving is not a leap of faith; there are any number of preparations, precautions, and calculations that must be carefully considered before any jumper is willing to set foot in the plane.

One piece of equipment that seeks to add even one more layer of calculation to the equation is the heads-up display for skydivers and wingsuit pilots. The beneficial implications of this flight instrumentation are making skydiving news.

Wise hang gliding, ballooning, and paragliding pilots use flight computers to give them information about the three dimensional world they fly in. These pilots are fortunate that such technology is available to add yet another layer of safety to their sport. Up until now, skydivers and wingsuit pilots have not had the opportunity for such technology. Recon Labs is willing to rectify this situation with the creation of a heads-up display (HUD) package that will provide you with the flight instrumentation to detail your forward speed, glide ratio, and altitude at a single glance.

The abilities of this technology, originally designed for downhill skiers, are ripe to be translated into similar practices for air sport enthusiasts. The sensors, which are embedded in specially designed goggles, are strategically planted in areas that are not directly in the user’s line of sight. Placing the read out in the direct line of sight would likely distract the athlete, but also dangerously hamper the view. Instead the designers place the instrumentation in the peripheral line of sight so the data may be called upon as needed.

This project was on hold until Recon Labs could get a minimum number of 250 per-orders @ $249 each to cover their initial manufacturing and design cost. They originally had a 30 day grace period to sell 250 units but ended up selling the minimum units in three days. The project is now set to move forward. You can still pre-order your HUD until November 16 for $349 when the price for this product may go up again.

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