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Ladies Skydive in PJ’s

Last month, the world of skydiving news was turned upside down when seven women came together with one common goal: They would jump out of an airplane wearing only their underwear and a parachute.

The two women who pioneered this event are Jennifer Hoffman and Marisa Gallegos. Together, they are the co-owners of Esme & Eve Photography in Los Angeles, California. The two businesswomen have started a movement to empower women who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. The “Be Bold. Take The Leap.” movement helps women to face their greatest fears, take risks and fight back against any obstacle that might be standing in the way of achieving their dreams.

Of the women who participated in the jump in November, all of them have a unique story that has changed their lives. From experiencing a death in the family, to being a rape victim, to struggling with an eating disorder, each woman has already overcome great obstacles in their lives. This exercise is about making a statement to the world.

When asked about the reason behind jumping from the plane in their underwear instead of wearing a jumpsuit, Jennifer Hoffman stated, “…it was more about baring your soul, and being OK with it, and not being ashamed”.

All too often in the news we hear and read negative reports of tragedies that have occurred in the lives of women like these brave seven individuals. It’s rare that we get a chance to celebrate and become a part of their attempts to stand in triumph.

“Be Bold. Take The Leap.” hopes to continue this tradition each year, adding more and more women to their list of participants. The jump has been life-changing for everyone who has been daring enough to do it. Hoffman and Gallegos are hopeful that their efforts will be able to inspire a national “Be Bold Day”, when women are inspired to do one activity that makes them nervous or scared. For these women, overcoming what they feel is impossible and facing their fears will be instrumental in building their self-esteem.

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