On April 13, 2023, British BMX rider Kriss Kyle rode his bike at 2,100 feet under a hot air balloon. The stunt was part of a Red Bull-sponsored video project called “Kriss Kyle: Don’t Look Down.”

Kyle rode a custom-built BMX bike on the deck of the BMX track suspended from a hot air balloon. Kyle had a parachute on his back while performing the stunt in case he slipped out of the bowl. Kyle explains: “Trying to ride with the parachute was a massive obstacle. You must pull so much harder than I ever could have imagined.”

“Trying to ride with the parachute was a massive obstacle”

Kyle, a two-time X Games gold medalist, performed a series of tricks on his bike, including a backflip and a 360-degree spin.

The stunt was filmed over a period of several days and required a team of over 100 people. Kyle said he was “really excited” to do the stunt and that it was “a dream come true.”

Despite these challenges, Kyle was able to successfully complete the stunt and perform a series of impressive tricks. He is an inspiration to all BMX riders and his stunt is a reminder of what is possible when you set your mind to something.