Hot Air Balloon Skydive in Sunny California

In the spirit of André-Jacques Garnerin, the first person to skydive from a balloon, this squad executed the perfect hot air balloon skydive.

Justus Zils filmed this stunning video in sunny Perris, CA, with a GoPro Max and GoPro HERO8 Black.

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History of the Hot Air Balloon Skydive

While Leonardo Divinci is credited with designing the first parachute, he never made a working prototype. A few hundred years later, Frenchman André-Jacques Garnerin completed the first hot air balloon skydive over the city of Paris in 1794.

Garnerin’s first parachute consisted of a 23-foot diameter canopy, which he attached to a basket. Being a skillful balloonist, he rose aloft to an altitude of 3000 feet. After settling himself inside the basket, he cut the parachute loose. Garnerin endured a wild ride due to the oscillation of the chute caused by not having a hole in the top of the round chute. He landed shaken but physically uninjured.

Garnerin kept improving his design over the span of his lifetime. He went on to perform many exhibitions for the citizens of Paris until his accidental ballooning death in 1823.

Equally notable, his wife matched his achievement and became the first female skydiver in 1799 as well as the first female to skydive from a balloon.

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