Wingsuit athlete Zhang Shupeng filmed a breathtaking stunt of a student flying through Tianmen Cave, or Heaven’s Gate, located in the Tianmen Mountain National Park in Hunan, China. This was the first time a Chinese citizen had accomplished this task.

The footage, captured on April 30, 2023, shows the pilot flying through the cave in a wingsuit.

Zhang Shupeng, a professional wingsuit athlete, filmed the stunt. Zhang Shupeng is known for his daring stunts, and he has flown through some of the most dangerous places in the world, including the Grand Canyon and the Matterhorn.

The stunt was filmed with the permission of the Chinese government, and it has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised the stunt as an amazing feat of athleticism, while others have criticized it as too dangerous.

Those who praised the stunt argued it was a daring and impressive accomplishment. They pointed out that Zhang Shupeng had to be in peak physical condition and deeply understand aerodynamics to pull off the stunt. They also argued that the stunt was a testament to the human spirit and our ability to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

Those who criticized the stunt argued that it was reckless and irresponsible. They pointed out that Zhang Shupeng was putting his own life at risk and the lives of those who might be injured if he were to crash. They also argued that the stunt was a bad example for young people, who might be inspired to try similar stunts without fully understanding the risks involved.

We think that Zhang Shupeng is a daredevil who is not afraid to push his limits. He is an inspiration to many people, and his stunts are a reminder of the incredible things that humans are capable of.

American Jeb Corliss was the first to fly a wingsuit through Tianmen Cave in China on September 25, 2011. See his accomplishment below.