HD Video Helmet Camera Review

Helmet Camera Review

HD Video Helmet Camera ReviewBe it hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving or ultralighting we all wish we had a video camera to shoot those memorable flying moments. With the spring flying season well underway, we are offering some assistance in chosing the right camera for you.

There are two main players in the action sports high definition video camera market: VholdeR and GoPro. Both of these cameras offers high quality HD recording but there are some similarities and some major differences.

The GoPro line of video cameras includes four high definition versions and four standard versions. The helmet version called HD Helmet Pro was used in this comparison. For the VholdeR we used their Contour HD camera for comparison. We compared these two cameras based upon 10 factors.  These factors below were taken from the websites in April of 2010. As with any online review, you should verify details yourself before purchasing.

Video Resolution:

Vholder: 1080/960/720/480
GoPro: 1080/960/720
Comments: We rank both of these about even. If you are buying a HD camera we really don’t understand what a 480p mode is good for.

Recording Speeds:

VholdeR: 30 and 60 frames per second
GoPro: 30 and 60 frames per second
Comments: Tie

Battery Life:

VholdeR: Continuous recording for up to 3 hours (Charges in 4 hours)
GoPro: Continuous recording for up to 2.5 hours (80% charge in 1 hour)
Comments: VholderR wins the recording time but GoPro battery is quick on the recharge. In our opinion, since recording time is more important than recharging time, we give the advantage to VholdeR.

Weight: (Camera only, not including mounting, helmet straps, etc.)

VholdeR: 4.3 ounces
GoPro: 5.9 ounces
Comments: VholdR wins this one even though you probably won’t notice the difference in weight. If you can tell the difference in weight then you probably need to check yourself into rehab somewhere.

SD Memory Sticks:

VholdeR: 2GB included; Expandable to 16 GB
GoPro: Not included; offered as accessory; Expandable to 32 GB
Comments: While the memory stick is not included with GoPro, we like GoPro because it has more expandability than the VholdeR.

Camera Angle of View:

VholdeR: 135º
GoPro: 127º wide angle in 1080p mode; 170º ultra wide angle in 720p, or 960p mode
Comments: We are giving this one to GoPro as the wider angle in the 720p or 960p mode makes up for the 8º less viewing angle in the 1080p mode.

Moisture Protection:

GoPro: WATERPROOF to 180 feet depth
Comments: GoPro takes this one. If we ever have to hike out and cross a stream, we want the one that is waterproof, not water resistant. We really like the fact that we can take the GoPro surfing at the beach, play with it in the swimming pool, or fish it out of the toilet if the need ever arises.

Still Photography:

VholdeR: No photo capability.
GoPro: Can take 5 MP photos.
Comments: GoPro wins this one.


VholdeR: Cylindrical unique appearance.
GoPro: Rectangular prism in appearance, similiar to most hand held photo cameras.
Comments: We give this one to VholdeR. With its unique shape and dual rotating red lasers (for spotting your subject), its bound to make a good first impression on anyone who sees it.


VholdeR: $320.00 (does not have online store; sells cameras through retailers; prices may vary from store to store)
GoPro: $299.99
Comments: Tie. You can expect to shell our additional money for an SD memory stick for the GoPro which makes the cost of the two about the same.

Our Results:

According to our count, GoPro won 4 factors while VholdeR won 3 with a tie in 3 of the factors.

Remember that you should give weight to whats important to you.

Lastly, you should know that we don’t own either of these cameras and have not done an actual physical comparision. If the VholdeR and GoPro companies are listening, we will gladly accept your camera donations, it may not change our opinion, but still you can contact us for a mailing address 🙂 !!!!