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Flying Carpet Trick – Wingsuit & Canopy Pilot


The ‘Flying Carpet’ trick is a problematic stunt to accomplish, and when performed correctly, it looks impressive. It consists of one wingsuit pilot and one pilot under the canopy. The wingsuit pilot acts as the carpet while a canopy pilot stands on top. The stunt is problematic as it takes precise timing and flight coordination between the two flyers. When using two different exit points as shown below, the use of radio communications is critical for mission success.

In the first video, Espen Fadnes and Bjørn Magne Bryn from Norway, complete the trick while jumping from two different platforms. Espen base jumps from a cliff with a wingsuit while Bjorn takes to the skydives from a helicopter. The two meet above the valley to hook-up to complete the formation.


In the second video, a wingsuit team from Mexico competing in the Wingsuit World Flying Cup in China, accomplish the ‘Flying Carpet’ trick while exiting from the same helicopter. This trick blew the judges away as most of them have never heard of it before.

The Precursor to the Flying Carpet Trick

The ‘Flying Carpet’ trick has roots in the’ Wingsuit Rodeo’ stunt. The ‘Rodeo’ is not unlike the ‘Carpet’ trick as they both place a wingsuit pilot on the bottom. In the ‘Rodeo’ trick, the canopy pilot sits on top of the wingsuit pilot, similar to a cowboy riding a bull, hence the name.

The wingsuit rodeo trick came about according to one pilot, “Because skydiving is boring.”

In this wingsuit video, Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Stephanie) demonstrates her riding skills while performing wingsuit rodeo.

Another amazing wingsuit rodeo.

Here is one more, just because writers get bored too 🙂

So, which do you like better, the ‘Flying Carpet’ trick or the ‘Rodeo’ stunt? Yes, we thought so too. Thanks, ladies for keeping skydiving interesting 🙂

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