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Perrine Bridge Base Jump Record Broken Again

Danny Weiland has set a new base jump record at Perrine Bridge. Again.

Weiland successfully jumped from the Twin Falls, Idaho bridge, floating into the Snake River Canyon, and making his way back to the top a total of 64 times in a 24 hour period. That is two, and 2/3 jumps every hour, or three jumps an hour for 21 hours and 20 minutes straight!

National Guardsman Dan Schilling is the record holder, at 201, for the most jumps in one day. Schilling set his record at the same location in 2006 but used a crane to get back to the middle of the bridge. Weiland, who is also a part-time fitness trainer, choose a more challenging variation of the record: the most unassisted jumps, requiring that the base jumper uses only human power with no motorized help.

The Perrine Bridge, one of the few locations on earth where a feat of this nature is possible, is one of the few places where anyone can BASE jump anytime without a permit. Setting the record from this unique spot requires the jumper to hit their landing zone, then climb up a nearly vertical canyon wall before making their way back to the middle of the bridge by bicycle.

Early in the morning of September 16, Weiland, a house painter by trade, climbed over the railing of the Perrine Bridge and started his marathon effort to recapture the record that he had previously set one year ago, in 2016, with 61 jumps. That record stood until June of this year when fellow base jumper Miles Daisher jumped at the same place 63 times.

Daisher, who lives about one mile from the iconic bridge, holds several base jumping records, including most lifetime jumps, at over 4500, and most base jumps in a year with 737 jumps. A legend among the base jumping community, Daisher first set the record for most unassisted jumps in 2007 with 57 jumps.

It has become a two-man competition between Weiland and Daisher for this record so to recap: Daisher owned it in 2007 with 57 jumps, and Weiland passed him with 61 in September of 2016. Daisher recaptured the title in June of this year with 63 jumps only to have Weiland show up three months later and jump 64 times.

We will have to wait and see how long this record lasts and who, if anyone, has the stamina to top 64 unassisted base jumps in a single day.