Bear Grylls Goes Powered Paragliding

Bear Grylls goes powered paragliding during his spare time. Unless you follow Bear closely, you may not know that he set a record for powered paragliding when he went flew over Mt Everest in 2007. Before he flew over it, he climbed Mt Everest back in 1998.

Wild Air Sports Facts about Bear

Back in 2008, Bear set a record for the longest indoor skydive with over 97 minutes of flight time.

While on a weekend pass from the British SAS, he and his friends went skydiving. A parachute malfunction caused his chute to fail at 16,000 feet. Bear spiraled to the ground where he broke his back on impact. He spent the next year and a half in rehabilitation.

When Bear Grylls goes powered paragliding, he knows what he is doing. Bear flew his powered paraglider 460′ higher than the summit of Mt Everest that set a record for the highest flight.

As part of his television show, “Man vs. Wild,” he gave a demonstration on how to pull a reserve during a parachute malfunction.

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