Gravity Jet Suit – Engineered for Speed

The Gravity Jet Suit is an engineering marvel created by engineer Richard Browning of the British company Gravity Industries. Founded in 2017 with the introduction of the Jet Suit, the company travels the world giving demonstrations.

The Suit consists of five turbines moving at 120,000 RPMs while making 1050 HP. The turbines are mounted two per each arm with one turbine on the back of the pilot. Furthermore, these turbines set a Guinness World Record for propelling a pilot to a speed of 85 mph.

World Speed Record

In October of 2019, Richard set the Guinness World Record for “Fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine powered suit (wind guided)” at 85.06 mph (136.891 kph). He managed more than to double his previous world record of 32.02 mph two months earlier.


Gravity Jet Suit Aircraft Carrier Ambush

The Gravity Jet Suit was flown from the deck of a British aircraft carrier of the coast of Washington. The pilot ambushes passengers on a sight-seeing ferry much to their delight. Video was shot on an Insta 360 Camera.

Ready, Set, Go! Own your own Gravity Jet Suit!

Are you ready to learn to fly the Gravity Jet Suit? Gravity Industries offers sales and flight lessons. Once you have mastered the controls, you might even join the Race Series (in development) and race against others. Contact Gravity for more information.


All the Rage

Hoovering aircraft are becoming more and more popular. Other developers are expanding the understanding of what it takes to put a person in a jet-powered contraption. Zapata Flyboard is an engineering firm that is also pushing the limits.