Hang Gliding World Record Out and Return


On June 20th, Owen Morse set a new hang gliding world record for an out-and-return. His 222 miles was 3 miles farther than the former world record set back in 2013 by Austrian Tom Weissenberger in Chili.

The hang gliding video above is of his launch and landing of the world record on his Wills Wing T3 153 hang glider.

Owens Valley is the location for the new world record. This 100-mile long valley in Southern California is a prime location to fly. The valley is famous for its big air, long flights, and also its turbulence. Flights here are commonly described as extreme.

“For six years I’ve been chasing the out-and-back world record, and this year, all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together beautifully.”

Morse credits his world record success to all those who have assisted him along the way.

Click the play button below for the 3d-visualization of his flight path.


Read more about Morse’s hang gliding world record out and return record flight on the Wills Wing website.


Hang Gliding World Record Out and Return Flight Path
Hang Gliding World Record Out and Return Flight Path



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