2009 Flytec Race and Rally

Flytec Race and Rally

What if you were to take a small group of some of the best hang glider pilots in the world, give them a different airstrip to launch from each day, tell them that there...
2011 World Hang Gliding Championship

2011 World Championships HG/PG

The host cities of World  Championships of Hand Gliding, Paragliding, and Paragliding accuracy has been announced from the CIVL Plenary board. The 2011 World Hang Gliding Championship host cities will be Sigillo and Montecucco in...
Rookie Pilot Phenom

Rookie Pilot Phenom

Every decade or so, a young pilot comes along and shows the veteran competition pilots what they've been doing wrong. This decade is no different as another rookie pilot has upstaged the tried and...
2009 Forbes Flatlands

Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championship

The Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championship was held in Forbes, Australia between January 3-11
Fight for Flight

Fight For Flight

The progressive expansion of society is taking its toll on the hang gliding community. At least two flight centers in the nation are at risk of losing their privileges to operate.
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