July 29, 2014

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2014 US Paragliding Nationals -

Friday, December 20, 2013

Skydive Ultra -

Thursday, October 31, 2013

USA Sends First Parpalegic to Compete at World Skydiving Competition -

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta -

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Air Wars -

Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013 Hot Air Balloon National Championships -

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Crossroads Balloon Rally -

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Skydive Ultra

Skydive Ultra Marathon

There are Marathons – There are Skydiving Competitions – And then there is Skydive Ultra Extreme is a word that is thrown around loosely, and is often applied to activities as simple as dropping into a half-pipe on a skateboard. While difficult, dropping in is so common that we shouldn’t be rewarding it with the ‘extreme’ moniker. What about running a marathon; this is indeed difficult, but considering the world’s most prestigious race of this distance—the Boston Marathon—regularly fields more than 20,000 runners; not extreme. Many consider the mere act of skydiving extreme, and perhaps this is true. While skydiving…

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USA Sends First Parpalegic to Compete at World Skydiving Competition

USA Sends First Parpalegic to Compete at World Skydiving Competition

When you consider all that’s involved in skydiving, from prepping, to jumping, to landing, it most certainly involves a high level of dexterity. But sometimes when you love a sport, you figure out a way to do it, even when the odds are against you. That certainly applies to Jarrett Martin, as he gets ready to head to the World skydiving competitions as a competitor from the USA. Martin grew up around skydiving, and loved it from an early age. He watched his father, and his grandfather jump, and joined in as soon as he was old enough. At the…

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Government Shutdown Provides Opportunity to Furloughed Workers

Government Shutdown

While the recent government shutdown has had negative effects on many of the federal employees, some businesses are looking for ways to help and support the 800,000 people who won’t be getting a paycheck until the furlough is over.  One of these companies is making skydiving news by giving these workers the opportunity to take a jump. Skydive, Hawaii is offering free jumps to federal employees who are finding themselves with too much time on their hands this week. “They have bills to pay, and they can’t afford to do things like this,” said Sonny Vaoifi, manager of Skydive Hawaii….

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World Record Jump Attempt in Arizona

World Team Skydiving World Record

The World Team‘s most astonishing achievement to date is their 400-way jump in Thailand. With 400 skydivers all joining into one free-fall formation, the World Team broke the world record for the largest free-fall formation. Currently, they are in the process of attempting to break yet another world record, only this time, things are a bit more complicated. The World Team is now attempting to break the record for the largest 2-point formation. During the jump, all 222 members have to come together to build a formation, break off, and then build another formation. The timing and accuracy of each…

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USPA Tests New Event in 2013

USPA Wingsuit Out Vertical In

The United States Parachute Association held its first quarterly meeting last month, and it was perhaps as exciting as that sounds.  For those waiting with rapt anticipation on the status of a wingsuit-instructor rating proposal, the bad news is that it wasn’t adopted, but the board is considering other training requirements for first wingsuit flights. On the other hand, amidst the more dry results of the meeting, we were intrigued by a change in 2013′s National Skydiving Championships.  Or more accurately an addition; a 2-way vertical formation skydiving test event was approved, and will make its debut at this year’s…

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Red Bull X-Alps 2013

Red Bull X-Alps

The Red Bull X-Alps race is one of the most thrilling and challenging competitions yet devised by man. Most athletes around the globe regard it as THE top adventure out of all of the world’s extreme sports. The event demands superb athleticism, endurance and strength, technical skill, breathtaking courage, outstanding intellect, gut wrenching determination, and the survival instincts of a wolf. The race is a combination of paragliding and mountaineering. The objective is to be the first to arrive in that playground of the wealthy, Monaco. Oh, and by the way you start in Austria, with a route which takes…

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Former Power Ranger Breaks Skydiving World Record

Jason David Frank sets Skydiving World Record

For most people, skydiving in and of itself is an incredible feat.  For one former star of the children’s program, The Power Rangers, jumping wasn’t enough.  He combined his talent with mixed martial arts to break a skydiving world record. Jason David Frank got involved in Mixed Martial Arts after he finished his Power Rangers career.  After several victories in the ring and being inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, he was ready for a new challenge.  This week, Frank completed a jump over Rosharon, Texas, and while freefalling, broke seven pine boards with his hands.  The…

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Skydiver Attempts Guinness World Board Breaking Record

Skyidver attempts world record by breaking boards

Topping the headlines today in skydiving news, David Frank is going to attempt to break as many pine boards while skydiving from 14,000 ft. The current record holder Travis Donley, won the record in 2011 by breaking two during his free fall. David will attempt to break the record at Skydive Spaceland this January while an official Guinness World Record television station will be recording the entire thing in the event he is able to beat the current record, it will be recorded. David said in his interview, he has alot of respect for the sport of MMA and martial…

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7 New Inductees into the National Sky Diving Hall of Fame

7 New Inductees into the National Sky Diving Hall of Fame

The National Sky Diving Museum in Fredricksburg, Virginia welcomed seven new members to it’s hall of fame last November. The National Sky Diving Hall of fame honored the seven new inductees at a ceremony in Eloy, Arizona at a weekend celebration that took place November 9-11. Among the new inductees are Carl Boenish of California (posthumous); Bob Buquor, also hailing from California (posthumous); Claude Gillard, Australia; Craig Girard of Arizona & Dubai; Dan Poynter of California; and husband and wife Hank Simbro (posthumous) and Muriel Simbro of California. Carl Boenish was considered the Father of modern BASE jumping. In 1978,…

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USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships Conclude with Eight New Records

2012 USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships

The 2012 USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships came to a finish on December 31st, just in time for New Year’s celebrations. The winners definitely had a lot to celebrate. Of the eighty-seven competitors, eight new records were set. The 2012 USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships wrapped up on the last day of the year in Eloy, Arizona. 14 colleges and universities brought a total of 87 competitors to the small town 65 miles southwest of Phoenix. The Air Force Academy had an extremely strong showing in multiple events. Air Force Legacy set a college record with a 36 point dive…

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2012 Indoor Skydiving World Championships – Results and World Records

Indoor Skydiving World Championships 2012

The very first Indoor Skydiving World Championship was a big success with over 400 skydivers participating from more than 10 countries and a prize packaged valued at over $120,000 USD. The competition was held at the largest indoor skydiving facility in the world at the facilities of iFly Singapore. Fresh off a victory and a gold medal performance at the World Skydiving Championship in Dubai, team Arizona Airspeed‘s momentum continued in the indoor arena with a first place finish over fellow countrymen SDC Rhythm XP who took second. The Canadian team, Evolution, finished in third place at Indoor Skydiving World Championship in Singapore. In the Freefly,…

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2012 Indoor Skydiving World Championships

Indoor Skydiving World Championships

Indoor skydiving has become the newest craze for those seeking the thrill of skydiving without the risks. But indoor skydiving is not just for the timid amateur and an upcoming event is making indoor skydiving news. World renowned, iFly Singapore, the world’s largest skydiving windtunnel, will host the 2012 Indoor Skydiving World Championships this December 13-16. FAI-certified judges from the USA, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Russia and Finland will preside over the event.  It is expected that 400 entrants from around the world will participate in the competition which features five disciplines in the professional category. The USA will be…

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World Parachuting Championships – 2012

2012 World Parachuting Championships - The Results

The conclusion of the 2012 FAI World Parachuting Championships Mondial in Dubai dominated skydiving news this week. The US Team finished second in the competition behind France, with the US taking six gold medals in the competition. Curt Bartholomew, 26, of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, won gold medals in 3 events including Canopy Piloting Overall , CP Speed, and CP Zone Accuracy. Bartholomew took 3rd place in CP Distance while fellow US Team member, Nicholas Batsch, took Gold in this disclipine. Bartholomew has been a professional skydiver for only four years, becoming a professional skydiver in 2009. Although his original career goal was to…

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USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships

USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships

The USPA National Collegiate Parachuting Championships, an event that’s famous for attracting and retaining new members to the sport, is quickly approaching with registration at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, Arizona to take place on Friday, December 28, 2012 and the competitions scheduled to run from Saturday, December 29 through Wednesday, January 2, 2013. Hosted by The National Collegiate Parachuting League since 1961, the driving force of the organization is its passion to promote skydiving fellowship and win new enthusiasts to the sport, as well as to teach the safety and sportsmanship that skydiving exemplifies. The collegiate competitions open up an…

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Ladies Skydive in PJ’s

Ladies Skydive in Underwear

Last month, the world of skydiving news was turned upside down when seven women came together with one common goal: They would jump out of an airplane wearing only their underwear and a parachute. The two women who pioneered this event are Jennifer Hoffman and Marisa Gallegos. Together, they are the co-owners of Esme & Eve Photography in Los Angeles, California. The two businesswomen have started a movement to empower women who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. The “Be Bold. Take The Leap.” movement helps women to face their greatest fears, take risks and fight back against any…

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WingmanCam – A Different Perspective

Gear Report WingmanCam

Nothing enhances the thrill of a flight outing quite like recording yourself on video camera. What better way to share your adventures with the rest of the world? Filming one’s own self is difficult for paragliding and skydiving enthusiast unless you have a buddy flying in a perilously close formation, Blue Angels style. For those pilots seeking a more cinematic self-portrait touch to their in-flight films, the WingmanCam may be the ideal accessory. The WingmanCam is designed and manufactured by father and son team of Peter and Tim James of Victoria, Australia. Peter is a retired Boeing 777 captain. Tim is a commercial airline pilot…

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Canadian Family Reaches For The Heights

Canadian Family Team

For most people, the idea of jumping out of a plane with only a parachute between you and death is somewhere in the range from terrifying to horrifying. But for the Lemay family, Michel and his three sons it’s as natural as breathing. Father Michel Lemay became a skydiving addict in the 1970′s, and as his three sons came along, they joined him on his aerial adventures. The three brothers, Benoit, Martin and Vincent, took to the air with their father almost as soon as they could walk. Now the Canadian Skydiving Champions are competing in the prestigious world championships,…

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Freeflying Skydiving is at the Forefront of Artistic Events

Freestyle Skydiving

Artistic Expression has moved to the forefront of skydiving news under the auspices of The World Freestyle Federation, and it’s set to be showcased at the 2012 World Parachuting Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  There, USA skydivers are perched to display their innovative freefall positions, and freeflying is expected to be one of the highlights. Innovator Olav Zipser – known as the Father of Freefly – was the first to try this skydiving strategy, and many others have followed suit, making it a very competitive art form.  As a matter of fact, holding the world record category for biggest…

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World Parachuting Championships Underway

World Parachuting Championship Dubai

The FIA World Parachuting Championships Mondial got underway in Dubai, with the opening jumps on November 29, 2012. The event makes skydiving news as the largest parachute event ever held. There will be 13 competitions featuring more than 1,600 competitors from 58 countries, including the US. The US Parachute Team has trained hard for this event and hopes to score gold in several competitions. Various events will feature formation skydiving, accuracy landing, canopy piloting and formations as well as some freestyle and free-fall style events. Fan turnout for the event is high, but wind may play a factor in the…

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World Parachuting Championship – Dubai Mondial

World Parachuting Championship - Dubai Mondial

Skydiving offers athletes a unique perspective of the world. Skydivers gain an appreciation for the scenes typically reserved for the birds, but the sport also presents a variety of locales from which to pursue the sport. Skydiving news is certain to be made in Dubai when the United Arab Emirates host the second Mondial from November 28 to December 9, 2012. The Mondial is a huge skydiving event that celebrates the worldwide skydiving community with a competition that will showcase the top skydiving athletes from around the world. The events scheduled for these several days will display some of the…

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