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Les Nessman Memorial Turkey Drop 2012

Les Nessman Memorial Turkey Drop

Hot air balloonists will gather in east central Illinois this holiday weekend for one of the really unique events in the sport. The 15th annual Les Nessman Memorial Turkey Drop, sponsored by the Danville (Ill.) Balloon Club will be held...

Zapata Flyboard

The Zapata Flyboard Air is manufactured by Zapata Racing. Top speed is over 90 mph with a ceiling of 10,000 feet. It will fly for approximately 10 minutes before the backpack fuel tank needs to be replaced. If you would...
Sky Surfing

Sky Surfing

You may of heard of Planking, Owling, and Tebowing. All of which involve doing sedentary things in unusual places such as lying down on a building edge, crouching on top of an ATM, or kneeling and praying in the...
Powered Parachute with an Attitude

Powered Parachute With an Attitude

Since the 1960's mankind has been working on a car that flies. A British company maybe the first to accomplish this feat with the Parajet Skycar.
Jetman Bails into Ocean

Jetman Bails into Ocean

A Swiss adventurer, Yves Rossy, went down into the Atlantic Ocean after hitting turbulent air which caused equipment failure. While attempting to cross the Strait of Gilbralter from Africa to Europe, the self proclaimed 'Jetman' had to pull his reserve chute after...

Skydiver Ejects from Glider

The Skydive Dubai team is well-known for the videos of their love affair with the iconic Palm Drop Zone but they have raised the bar with this video. The team gave an invitation to Nicole Smith, celebrated for her...
Air Cowboys Under Fire

Air Cowboys Under Fire

A wildlife advocacy group, WildEarth Guardians, is petitioning President Obama to help stop the gunning down of coyotes from ultralight aircraft in the state of Idaho. The practice of hunting from ultralight was approved by the Federal government back in...

Airplane Lands on Freeway

A small aircraft made an emergency landing on a busy New York State highway.
Sweet Sixteen - Sixteen Planes

Sweet Sixteen – Sixteen Planes

Ross Brodie isn't your typical teenager. He's been flying with his dad since he was two years old and is quite the aircraft enthusiast. It should come as no surprise then that Ross wasn't willing to settle for a...
Skydivers Breach Military Facility

A Good Reason to Watch Where you Drop

Before you take that next jump, don’t forget your government issued identification in case of accidentally breaching security at a Naval base on the way down. According to a recent report by NBC News, that’s what happened to two skydivers...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iliFLmKvO4 We have no words for this one...

World’s First Nude Violin Playing Skydiver

With a goal of raising $15,000 for men's mental health, Australian Glen Donnely became the world's first nude violin playing skydiver on his 30th birthday. On August 29, 2017, he set the unofficial record by jumping from 15,000 feet...
Ladies Skydive in Underwear

Ladies Skydive in PJ’s

Last month, the world of skydiving news was turned upside down when seven women came together with one common goal: They would jump out of an airplane wearing only their underwear and a parachute. The two women who pioneered this...
Putin Flies with Cranes

Putin Flies with the Cranes

Russian President Vladimir Putin fired back at his critics after he came under withering attacks in cyberspace for his latest adventure. One would expect nothing less from the Russian leader whose adventurous exploits reached new highs when he took the...
US Army Parachute Team Causes Stir in Texas

US Army Parachute Team Causes Stir in Texas

The US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team caused a public panic that reached the local news channel. A local news crew happened to be filming in the area while the Knights were performing a night pyro jump. The news clip compared the event with...