Gas Prices giving you the Scratch?


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With the economy going the way it is and the gas prices on the rise again, it is getting more and more difficult to keep flying. For those of use who happen to live close to the airport, mountain launch, or dropzone please excuse my whining but for those of us who have to drive over 50 or more miles to get to launch then let the choir say amen!

Everytime I fill up lately I notice that prices at the pump are slowly creep up. “Where’s the hurricane?” I ask myself. Is it rements of hurricanes long gone? Is it Bushanomics still lingering around?

If you ask me (and your probably not) its OPEC and its legion of doomed countires trying to squeeze every last cent out of the world. When gas prices dropped from $4.00 a gallon a few months ago everyone cheered…well except those Arab the Ahab countries whose bottom line took a bite. Now it appears that they are reducing production so just to raise prices. Give me a break!

Some alternatives to supporting the harabs would be to make your trips count more by having longer flying days while making less trips to the launch. Other options include finding an air buddy and sharing trip expenses. If you enjoy sleeping under the stars, take a sleeping bag, a six pack and make a weekend of it.

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