Skydiver Attempts Guinness World Board Breaking Record


Topping the headlines today in skydiving news, David Frank is going to attempt to break as many pine boards while skydiving from 14,000 ft. The current record holder Travis Donley, won the record in 2011 by breaking two during his free fall. David will attempt to break the record at Skydive Spaceland this January while an official Guinness World Record television station will be recording the entire thing in the event he is able to beat the current record, it will be recorded. David said in his interview, he has alot of respect for the sport of MMA and martial arts overall, being a black belt in American Karate and a Purple Belt in Jiu jitsu and is doing this as a tribute to his background in these sports.

According to an article in, “The jump is scheduled to take place at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, TX on January 17th, 2013. Frank will jump from 14,000 feet alongside another jumper across from him in mid-air. Frank will attempt to punch through single one-inch boards as his assistant holds them in his hands, one-by-one, hopefully breaking through three to surpass the current record.”

From the looks of it this will be very difficult in terms of precision and timing and will take a great deal of effort and concentration for all those involved. What a fantastic idea to combine two long time extreme sports and combine the two to attempt a world record.

This should be a thrilling show for those who are in attendance! And a major adrenaline rush for those who are participating!

We wish David the best of luck in his record breaking attempt!

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