Former Power Ranger Breaks Skydiving World Record


For most people, skydiving in and of itself is an incredible feat.  For one former star of the children’s program, The Power Rangers, jumping wasn’t enough.  He combined his talent with mixed martial arts to break a skydiving world record.

Jason David Frank got involved in Mixed Martial Arts after he finished his Power Rangers career.  After several victories in the ring and being inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, he was ready for a new challenge.  This week, Frank completed a jump over Rosharon, Texas, and while freefalling, broke seven pine boards with his hands.  The previous Guinness World Record was set by a person who broke two boards.

In the jump the 38-year-old was facilitated by staff at Skydive Spaceland.  As he was freefalling, seven other jumpers presented him with boards, which he broke as only a martial artist can.

Jason David Frank tried out for a role as a Power Ranger in 1993, and was cast as Tommy Oliver, the green ranger.  His character changed to the white ranger, and later to the red one in Power Rangers: Zeo.

So is breaking boards the only odd thing ever done while skydiving?  According to, there are lots of other crazy things people do while jumping.  Shaving, getting a tattoo, ironing (with a board) and jumping in a kayak are definitely unique choices.  Some less intense people have texted, solved a Rubik’s cube, got a haircut, or even engaged to be married during their jump.  For some people, the jump just isn’t enough.  Adding in another activity while skydiving sets you apart, and in some instances, eligible for a world record.

Maybe you’re not ready to set a world record, but you’d like to experience the rush of jumping out of a plane.  If you’re interested in finding out more about skydiving or other air sports, contact us.


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