2013 Hot Air Balloon National Championships


2013 Hot Air Balloon National ChampionshipsIn hot air balloon news, competitors from all over will participate in the National Hot Air Balloon Championship from July 22 to 28. This competition, hosted by the state of Texas, will feature a balloon race featuring more than 70 pilots throughout the week. The event is which started on Monday, will last throughout the week and allow pilots to compete for the chance at winning $50,000. The winner of this championship will not only take home the prize money, but will represent the entire nation in the World Championship.

This is a huge honor for anybody who has ever participated in the sport and will allow them to take their skills to the next level, by competing with the best in the world. This type of race takes expertise and endurance, characteristics that describe the people who participate in these contests.

All competition is heavily regulated and sanctioned, as the Balloon Federation of America keeps accurate records and rankings for all participants. This non profit organization was founded in 1961 and represents participants and competitions throughout the entire nation. Their goal is to focus on safety and continue growing the sport, so that people can gain an understanding of it.

Events like the National Championship bring excellent exposure to the sport, especially since the winner will compete on such a grand stage. In order to get a better understanding for the sport, and to enjoy a summer event that the whole family can enjoy, spectators should come out to these types of events and root on the competitors.

To keep up with the daily race scores visit the Great Texas Balloon Race website.

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