Foundation For Free Flight


Foundation for Free FlightThe Foundation for Free Flight is an organization that helps promote and conserve the free flight sporting industry in America. The organization was originally founded in 1987 to help support teams competing in hang gliding and paragliding competitions. In 2001 the organization was reorganized to focus on preserving the legacy of free flight sports, educating the public and promote proper safety procedures for its sports enthusiasts. The foundation still supports hang gliding, women’s hang gliding and paragliding competitions.

The entire Foundation for Free Flight staff is composed of volunteers that love the sport. The Board of Trustees, officers and executive director work nonstop to make sure that the foundation runs smoothly.

Every cent that is raised from donations from the public and other organizations is used to further their mission. Half of the money goes towards saving for future and current projects that help preserve the sport, while the other half is placed in the foundation’s endowment fund. Whenever the foundation makes a profit from their programs it is reinvested back into the organization. Due to its low operating costs, all of the donations go directly toward the foundation’s mission. The Foundation for Free Flight has a strong belief in financial transparency so they publicly share their financial documents and policies with the world on their website.

The organization’s endowment fund is grouped into categories that help support the free flight community. The money that is donated to the Site Preservation Fund is used to buy land that can be converted into flying sites and improve the land that is already being used. The Safety and Education Fund helps with creating programs that teach people how to fly safely and educates them about paragliding news and hang gliding news. The Competition Fund helps promote hang gliding and paragliding competitions and the General Fund is distributed by the foundation according to the fund that needs more financial assistance.

To learn more about this organziation and donate to their cause please visit the Foundation for Free Flight home page.

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