World Hang Gliding Championship


2012 World Hang Gliding ChampionshipOn January 17th the 2013 World Hang Gliding Championship held in Forbes, Australia, saw Manfred Ruhmer take first place for men’s hang gliding with a total of 9010 points, winning his fourth world crown.

Alessandro Ploner and Fillippo Oppici, both from Italy, finished second (8871) and third (8560), respectively. Ruhmer took first place by a margin of only 139 points over the last year’s world champion, Alessandro Ploner.

Ruhmer is noted as one of the most prestigious hang gliders in the world, having won the World Championship three times previously and the European Championship four times. In 2005 he retired from competing, but returned in 2009, only to be beaten by Ploner at the World Championship held in France.
Team sections placed Italy in first with 23,879 points, USA second (23,477) and Australia third (22,627).

Corina Schweigershausen, from Germany, took first place for women’s hang gliding with 5930 points. Second place was held by Kathleen Rigg from Great Britain (4414) and Tove Heaney from Australia (3849).

After ten days of competition, there were over 1500 launches with no crashes and the most serious injury sustained in a landing was when the pilot required a brief trip to the hospital after a somewhat heavy landing. Over 100 pilots participated (only eight in the women’s class) from 23 countries across the globe, averaging over 100 launches during each day of the 10-day competition, with 11 tug planes in operation.

The event was graciously hosted by the Forbes Sport and Recreation Club.

Top 20 Results

1 Manfred Ruhmer AUT Icaro Laminar Z9 14.1 9010
2 Alessandro Ploner ITA Icaro Laminar 14.1 8871
3 Filippo Oppici ITA Wills Wing T2C 144 8560
4 Attila Bertok HUN Moyes Litespeed S5 8531
5 Pedro Luis Garcia Morelli ESP Wills Wing T2C 8249
6 Grant Crossingham GBR Moyes Litespeed RX3.5 8242
7 Primoz Gricar SLO Aeros Combat 13.5 GT 8171
8 Scott Barrett AUS Airborne REV 13.5 8131
8 Balazs Ujhelyi HUN Moyes Litespeed RS4 8131
10 Antoine Boisselier FRA Moyes Litespeed RX3.5 8128
11 Jonny Durand AUS Moyes Litespeed RX3.5 8069
12 Robin Hamilton USA Moyes Litespeed RX4 8031
13 Gerd Dönhuber GER Moyes Litespeed RX3.5 7888
14 Michael Friesenbichler AUT Moyes Litespeed RX3.5 7878
15 Gordon Rigg GBR Moyes Litespeed RX3.5 7854
16 Paris Williams USA Aeros Combat GT 13.5 7842
17 Gary Wirdnam GBR Icaro Laminar 13.7 7734
18 Christian Ciech ITA Icaro Laminar 14 7641
19 Carl Wallbank GBR Moyes Litespeed RX3.5 7631
20 Mario Alonzi FRA Aeros Combat 13.2 GT 7584
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