Ozone Mojo 3


Ozone has announced that the Mojo 3 paraglider has passed all flight test with EN B and is available for order.

The Mojo 3 is ascerted to be the ideal introductory wing for those pilots wishing to explore cross country while experiencing a smooth ride and passive safety.

According to Ozone, “Our mission for the Mojo 3 was to increase the performance as much as possible without sacrificing any of the comfort and safety that the Mojo series has become known for… The Ozone Test and Design Team achieved major performance gains through drag reduction and a more efficient trailing edge, due to a 10% reduction in total line length and more advanced internal construction at the trailing edge. These improvements have now put the Mojo 3 at the top of its category not only in terms of safety and handling, but in glide and speed performance as well.”


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