Flight Schools


If you are contemplating taking up an air sport you should be careful in the school you choose. Here are some questions and concerns that you should address before your decision.

1) Are the trainers certified by a national organization? This is the most important question to ask before signing up for lessons. If the answer is yes, you should probably contact the organization and verify that they are. If the answer is no, you should select another school that is.

2) What kind of equipment is the school using? Not all schools have new equipment but you make sure the equipment appears to be in good shape. Check for rips, tears, discolorations, and patches: all these being a sign the equipment needs replaced.

3) Judge the first conversation. Was the person able to answer all of your questions? Was their responses easily understood? Were they polite? Did they seem to care? Did they treat you like a customer rather than a bother?

4) See the sport up close and ask questions. Take a visit to the local flying site and talk with the pilots about where to go for training. Ask them if they were pleased with the training they received.

5) Seek out more than one school. Even if the school you want to train is only mile from your house, you should contact other schools to get a feel for what is being offered. With each school you contact you should learn a little more about the sport which will help in the overall decision making process.

Can we suggest a list of schools that might help you in quest?
Hang Gliding Schools

Paragliding Schools

Powered Parachute Schools

Powered Paragliding Schools

Skydiving Schools

Ultralight Schools

The list above is only a starting place and not a recommendation. You should investigate the schools and feel comfortable with the training package you are purchasing before agreeing to take lessons.