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Backwoods Landing

Backwoods Landing

If you have been flying for any length of time you have probably had to make an unexpected landing. Most of the time these emergency landings are caused by poor judgement, equipment malfunction, or weather conditions. While it's almost impossible...
King Mountain Hang Gliding Nationals 2009

King Mountain Co-Nationals 2009

Skydog Blog - editorial and opinion With a secret veil surrounding the first half of the United States Nationals at King Mountain, the competition was held between July 20th and July 26th. Unless you were there, it was a mystery...
Helmet Camera Review

HD Video Helmet Camera Review

Be it hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving or ultralighting we all wish we had a video camera to shoot those memorable flying moments. With the spring flying season well underway, we are offering some assistance in chosing the right camera...