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Below is a list of United States Skydiving Organizations links.
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United States Skydiving Organizations
State City Link
Connecticut Ellington Connecticut Parachutist INC.
Florida   Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Skydiving Club
Florida   Fiu Flying Panthers
Florida Sebastsian The Pink Mafia
Illinois   Illinois Institute Of Technology
Illinois   Illinois Valley Parachute Club
Illinois   Mid-America Sport Parachute Club
Illinois   Niu Skydiving Club
Illinois   Uiuc Falling Illini Skydiving Club
Kansas   Kansas State University Parachute Club
Kentucky Greensburg Parachute Riggers Of Skydive Kentucky
Maryland   College Park Skydiving Crew
Massachusetts   Mit Skydiving Club
Massachusetts   Umass Skydiving Club
Minnesota   Minnesota Skydivers Club
New York   Duaneburg Skydiving Club
Ohio   The Skydiving Club At The Ohio State University
Oregon   Ou Flying Ducks
Oregon Eugene Uo Skydiving Club
South Carolina   Clemson Dixie Skydivers
South Carolina   College Of Charleston Cougar Skydiving Club
Vermont Swanton Malone Parachute Club
Virginia   The Skydiviving Club Of Virginia Tech
Wisconsin   Seven Hills Skydivers
    National Skydiving League
    United States Parachute Association
International Skydiving Organizations
Country City Link
Australia   Australian Parachute Federation
Brazil   Confederacao Brasileira De Paraquedismo
Canada   Alberta Sport Parachuting Assoc.
Chile   Federacion Chilena De Paracaidismo
France   Federation Francaise De Parachutisme
France   French Base Association
Germany   German Base Association
Germany   German Parachute Association (Dfv)
Holland   Knvvl Parachutespringen Holland
International   Fai/Ipc - Parachuting
International   Freefall Photographers Association
International   Parachute Industry Association
Italy   Italian National Parachute Association
Italy   Italian Parachute Instructors Association
New Zealand   New Zealand Parachute Federation
Norway   Norwegian Airsports Federation
Portugal   Portuguese Federation Of Parachuting
South Africa   Pietermaritzburg Parachute Club
Sweden   Swedish Parachute Organization (Sff)
United Kingdom   British Collegiate Parachute Association
United Kingdom   British Parachute Association

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