Global Comp for Indoor Skydiving


Online Global Competition for Indoor SkydivingOn November 5th their will be a first for skydiving competitions: the first ever Online Global Competition for Indoor Skydiving.

This event will attract skydivers from all over the globe who will not need to make any plans for travel to this event. Ten participating wind tunnels will be used for this competition. If you happen to be close to one, then this is a chance to see skydiving individuals and teams in action. There will be many of the top teams in the world participating in this event. This will include many former world champion teams and current champions.

The event will consist of five different areas of competition. They will range from individual freestyle flying to four-person formation. Included will be FS or formation skydiving, VFS or vertical formation skydiving, 2-way VFS, Neo-Freestyle and Freefly. All winners of this event will receive a free flight to the Indoor Skydiving World Championships in December.
The sponsor of this event is the International Bodyflight Association or IBA. This group is dedicated to the accrediting and training for indoor skydiving.

Registration is available at