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USA Sends First Parpalegic to Compete at World Skydiving Competition

USA Sends First Parpalegic to Compete at World Skydiving Competition

When you consider all that's involved in skydiving, from prepping, to jumping, to landing, it most certainly involves a high level of dexterity. But sometimes when you love a sport, you figure out a way to do it, even...
Nicole Smith Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate – Nicole Skydives

Life seemed bleak for Nicole Smith - a Georgia native - after a terrible car accident on June of 2011 left her battered and beaten. With a broken neck, back, four pelvic fractures, a few broken ribs, and a...
Hot Air Balloonist

Hot Air Balloonists say “Thank You” to Hospitable Landowners

For years, the gift of flight has been used in shows of appreciation or to experience the many wonders of the world. It's also not uncommon for hot air balloon enthusiasts to find themselves making landings in large fields,...
Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Provides Opportunity to Furloughed Workers

While the recent government shutdown has had negative effects on many of the federal employees, some businesses are looking for ways to help and support the 800,000 people who won't be getting a paycheck until the furlough is over. ...
Skydiving Charity

Charity goes from nearly zero dollars to $10,000 thanks to Skydiving Event

It's not uncommon to hear tons of skydiving news when people are going for world records or exciting thrills. Recently, a group of skydivers made news by jumping out of planes for a charitable cause. Tabitha Tripp, a Marion, Rhode...

Paraplegic woman Flies Wingsuit Again

Paraplegic woman flies again in a wingsuit after a base jumping accident left her paralyzed.
Pilots Reach Out

Pilots Reach Out

While competing in a hang gliding competition in Ecuador in 2008, Jeff O'Brien was touched by the poverty stricken region. He vowed that before coming back again for the 2009 competition that he would try to do something to...