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World’s First Nude Violin Playing Skydiver

With a goal of raising $15,000 for men's mental health, Australian Glen Donnely became the world's first nude violin playing skydiver on his 30th birthday. On August 29, 2017, he set the unofficial record by jumping from 15,000 feet in a tandem jump in nothing but his birthday suit. The event took place over Coffs Harbor in New South Wales, Australia. According...

Women’s World Sequential Record Ratified by FAI

Women's World Sequential Record Ratified by FAI
56 skydivers from the group EuroChicks now officially hold the Women's World Sequential Record in skydiving. The 3 formation 56 point jump was part of a project called "Women on Wings" or "WOW" and took place over Teuge, the Netherlands. EuroChicks bring together the talents of female European skydivers with a goal of growing the sport and getting more women involved. Coordinators Marloes Swarthoff...