The Art of Indoor Skydiving with Maja

At the age of 17, Maja Kuczyńska is setting the world of indoor skydiving on fire. In 2015 Maja won the title of Junior World Champion in the Freestyle Category at the first World Skydiving Championships in Prague. Over 2 million people have viewed a Facebook video of her highlight reel (shown below). Born in Warsaw, Poland, Maja traveled throughout...

Perrine Bridge Base Jump Record Broken Again

Danny Weiland has set a new base jump record at Perrine Bridge. Again. Weiland successfully jumped from the Twin Falls, Idaho bridge, floating into the Snake River Canyon, and making his way back to the top a total of 64 times in a 24 hour period. That is two, and 2/3 jumps every hour, or three jumps an hour for...

Bad Day Paragliding

You know your having a bad day when you invert your paraglider only to fall through your canopy. For most pilots this would be enough bad luck for one day but this pilot didn't stop there. With a leg intertwined with the main canopy lines he somehow manages to throw his reserve below him, only to fall through his...

USPA National Skydiving Championships 2017

On October 1st, the 2017 United States Parachute Associations National Championship came to a close. For two weeks, Skydive Perris in California was home to over 500 competitors from all over the United States and abroad. Each day parachutes filled the sky, competing for the title of national champion in several events. For the first time since 2005 Skydive...

Home Flight

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier has created another exceptional video the way that he only knows how.

Drone Piloting Onto, Inside, and Under a Moving Train

Drone piloting on top of, inside of, and under a moving
Paul Nurkkala, a camera drone operator, performs possibly the best flight ever of a camera drone while piloting on top of, inside of, and under a moving train.

Paragliding World Cup Tour, Brazil 2017

Between September 3rd and September 9th, 2017 the Paragliding World Cup Tour visited beautiful Pico Do Gaviao in Brazil. Pico Do Gaviao, Hawk's peak in English, is the summit of a mountain range near Andradas, Brazil, in the southern portion of the state of Minas Gerais. The location overlooks several cities, has hosted both national and international events in...

World’s First Nude Violin Playing Skydiver

With a goal of raising $15,000 for men's mental health, Australian Glen Donnely became the world's first nude violin playing skydiver on his 30th birthday. On August 29, 2017, he set the unofficial record by jumping from 15,000 feet in a tandem jump in nothing but his birthday suit. The event took place over Coffs Harbor in New South Wales, Australia. According...

Women’s World Sequential Record Ratified by FAI

Women's World Sequential Record Ratified by FAI
56 skydivers from the group EuroChicks now officially hold the Women's World Sequential Record in skydiving. The 3 formation 56 point jump was part of a project called "Women on Wings" or "WOW" and took place over Teuge, the Netherlands. EuroChicks bring together the talents of female European skydivers with a goal of growing the sport and getting more women involved. Coordinators Marloes Swarthoff...

Base Jumping from a Drone

Skydivers are some of the coolest people around for a variety of reasons. They aren't afraid of anything, they live life to the fullest, and they are always coming up with new and amazing ways to be airborne. They also have the best stories because lets face it, unless you were born with wings, your stories have a hard time...

First Female Afghan Paraglider

Say Hello to Afghanistan's First Female Paraglider It's not every day that a mother and resident of Afghanistan, a country not historically known for its female athletes, is hopeful to attend international paragliding events. But that's precisely the case for Lida Huzoori, Afghanistan's first female paraglider. The first woman in Afghan society to join a paragliding team and mother of a...

Hurricane Irma – 2017

Hurricane Irma
Let this sink in: Category 5 Hurricane Irma was stronger than all of the 2017 previous Atlantic hurricanes combined. Today, Irma's human death toll is 82 lives lost. Here are 3 startling record-breaking facts: If you add up all the winds of the prior 8 Atlantic storms at a maximum intensity, Irma was stronger. On her own, she was more...

Paramotor Foot Drag Disaster

This week's Tuesday's Tumble includes a paramotor pilot learning to foot drag the hard way! It appears no one here was seriously injured other than the pilot's wallet.

Skydiver Ejects from Glider

The Skydive Dubai team is well-known for the videos of their love affair with the iconic Palm Drop Zone but they have raised the bar with this video. The team gave an invitation to Nicole Smith, celebrated for her conquering jumps in all 50 states after her near death car accident, to eject from a glider as it loops. With...

Navagio Beach Base Jumps

This base jump video is located in Ionian Islands of Greece, Navagio Beach has become the go to vacation spot for base jumpers around the world. With it's scenic bowl carved out of limestone, it's 656 feet exit point, and it's  wreck of a smuggler's ship, this location offers the base jumper a unique jump like no other.

Solar Eclipse Skydiving

August 21, 2017, has found its place in history next to other solar eclipses. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun temporarily blocking it from view, but what makes this solar eclipse so special has nothing to do with the cosmos. While authorities were urging onlookers to protect their eyes from the Sun,...

Tortise & Hare – World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship

World Hang Gliding Championships 2017
A true tortoise-and-the-hare story, the 21st FAI World Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship proved that consistent performance outranks smaller victories when related to these types of marathon competitions. Petr Benes of the Czech Republic secured the individual win with 7750 points, just surpassing the expected winner, Italy's Alessandro Ploner. The new world champion had this to say about his victory: "I...

Real Life Ironman – Wingsuit & Jet Thrusters

For one Dutch wingsuit flyer it has been a dream of his to take his wingsuit flying a step further, by adding jet engines to his legs while flying. Kind-of-like a real-life Ironman. The dream became a reality when he stepped off a hot air balloon at 5000 feet with thrusters at full power and dove into the horizon. With...

Base Jump – Year in Review

An avid freeskier, wingsuit pilot, climber, base jumper, mountaineer and former Royal Marine Commando, Tim Howell shows off his highlight reel with this year in review.

Foggy Mountain Speedflying

Jamie Lee is back again with quick rush through the fog while speeding down a Romanian mountainside.