Going Green With Aviation

Going Green with Aviation
With the technological advances taking place today, its only a matter of time before our 747's are running on green fuels. In fact, the European Union has already required that jet aviation engines be greener by the year 2012. The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) has set the goal of 100% green aircraft with no carbon emission by the year...

Backwoods Landing

Backwoods Landing
If you have been flying for any length of time you have probably had to make an unexpected landing. Most of the time these emergency landings are caused by poor judgement, equipment malfunction, or weather conditions. While it's almost impossible for the cross-country flyer to avoid these types of landings, there are things you can do to make your journey...


Looks like hang gliding without the height

Fight For Flight

Fight for Flight
The progressive expansion of society is taking its toll on the hang gliding community. At least two flight centers in the nation are at risk of losing their privileges to operate.

Pilot Picks Wrong Tree

Pilot get in trouble and tosses reserve. Surprise ending...

Backward Flying

Paraglider pilot flys his wing while attached to backwards

AFF Level 1 Training

AFF Level 1 Training at Skydive Dayland in Florida


When Scott Mason took up falconry at the age of 12 in East London he often dreamed of being able to fly like the birds of prey he trained. It wasn't until his around-the-world tour that lead him to Nepal did he discover the means to fulfilling his dream of flight. Scott hooked up with fellow Englishman Adam Hill...

Parachute Wraps

Parachute wraps set to Stevie Nicks songs. Great Video!

Skydiving Stunts by Joe Jennings

Skydiving stunts video set to Red Hot Chili Peppers "Roller Coaster of Love", say what? Great video with plenty of action including air to plane transfer.

Skydiving Bloopers #2

Skydiving Bloopers #2

Pond Swooping Crash

Pond Swooping Crash

Very Funny Bear

Very funny bear

Iron Man

Turbines strapped to legs

Practice Makes Perfect

Skydiving Bloopers #1

81-way World-Record

81-way world-record skydiving parachute formation

Wing Suite Skydiver

Wing Suite Skydiver

Good Samaritan Pilot Attacked

Good Samaritan Attacked
When a paraglider pilot decided to be a Good Samaritan and talk to a group of troubled youths, he had no idea that his good deed would end up in a trip to the hospital.

United States Skydiving Nationals

2008 USPA National Championship
The 2008 U.S. National Skydiving Championships was held between October 19-25, 2008 in Elroy Arizona.

Everest Skydive 2008

Skydiving Mt Everest
Skydivers from around the world converged on Shyangboche at the foot of Mount Everest for the first annual "Everest Skydive".