Hang Gliding Beginnings 1968-1975

Hang Gliding Beginnings 1968-1975

Hang Gliding Bear

This bear just can't seem to get it right. Reminds me of the old days.

Ozone Mojo 3

Ozone has announced that the Mojo 3 paraglider has passed all flight test with EN B and is available for order. The Mojo 3 is ascerted to be the ideal introductory wing for those pilots wishing to explore cross country while experiencing a smooth ride and passive safety. According to Ozone, "Our mission for the Mojo 3 was to increase the...

Ozone Goes Ultralite

Already holding the title as lightest weight paraglider available, The Ozone Ultralite 09 is now even lighter, seven ounces lighter than previous models. With improvements in rib material and leading edge rigidification techniques this glider is the lightest ever manufactured. The Ultralite 09 has been certified by the EN and/or the LTF. The Ultralite 09 is available in 4 sizes: 25m,...

Test Pilots Wanted

Skydog Blog - editorial and opinion When I first saw this I thought, "you gotta be kidding me". That set aside it appears they are not. If you are familiar with AWACS and ICBM let me familirize you with another acronym: CULAPS which stands for Counter Ultra Light Aircraft/Paratrooper System. The U.S. government is seeking information on the design of a...

2011 World Championships HG/PG

2011 World Hang Gliding Championship
The host cities of World  Championships of Hand Gliding, Paragliding, and Paragliding accuracy has been announced from the CIVL Plenary board. The 2011 World Hang Gliding Championship host cities will be Sigillo and Montecucco in Italy, edging out Forbes, Australia. It took four rounds of debating and voting before Italy edged Forbes by a vote of 16 to 13.   The 2011...

Gas Prices giving you the Scratch?

Skydog Blog - editorial and opinion With the economy going the way it is and the gas prices on the rise again, it is getting more and more difficult to keep flying. For those of use who happen to live close to the airport, mountain launch, or dropzone please excuse my whining but for those of us who have to...

Wills Wing Stimulus Package

From now until March 6th, Wills Wing is offering a free upgrade to your choice of sail color on all hang gliders offered. In addition, they are offering a sail material upgrade at no additional charge. This package is part of the Wills Wing Stimulus Package and can viewed at their web site.

2009 World Paragliding Championship

2009 World Paragliding Championship
The 2009 World Paragliding Championship was held in Valle de Bravo in Mexico with 148 pilots. Their competition consisted of 10 tasks flown between January 25th and February 6th, 2009.   Top individual honors was awarded to Andy Aebi of Switzerland followed by his fellow countryman Stefan Wyss with Aljaz Valic from Slovenia taking third. Top team finishes went to Czech...

Skydive Mt McKinley

Skydive Mt Mckinley
Ever feel the need for a high altitude jump from 22,000 feet? If so then this story might be what you've been looking for, that is, if you have deep pockets.   Between June 20-25, 2009, a group of elite skydivers will jump from 22,000 feet at the base of Mt McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America, with the objective...

Whooping it Down South

Whooping it Down South
As an ultralight sits on a makeshift runway reeving its engine in the early morning frost, support crew readies the migrating whooping cranes for takeoff also.

Rookie Pilot Phenom

Rookie Pilot Phenom
Every decade or so, a young pilot comes along and shows the veteran competition pilots what they've been doing wrong. This decade is no different as another rookie pilot has upstaged the tried and tested pilots in the most recent round of Australian hang gliding competitions.   Before a young pilot took 3rd in the 2008 Canungra Classic in Australia, almost...

Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championship

2009 Forbes Flatlands
The Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championship was held in Forbes, Australia between January 3-11

Monumental Triking

Monument Valley makes for a great backdrop for these ultralighting enthusiasts

Powered Parachute With an Attitude

Powered Parachute with an Attitude
Since the 1960's mankind has been working on a car that flies. A British company maybe the first to accomplish this feat with the Parajet Skycar.

Going Green With Aviation

Going Green with Aviation
With the technological advances taking place today, its only a matter of time before our 747's are running on green fuels. In fact, the European Union has already required that jet aviation engines be greener by the year 2012. The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) has set the goal of 100% green aircraft with no carbon emission by the year...

Backwoods Landing

Backwoods Landing
If you have been flying for any length of time you have probably had to make an unexpected landing. Most of the time these emergency landings are caused by poor judgement, equipment malfunction, or weather conditions. While it's almost impossible for the cross-country flyer to avoid these types of landings, there are things you can do to make your journey...


Looks like hang gliding without the height

Fight For Flight

Fight for Flight
The progressive expansion of society is taking its toll on the hang gliding community. At least two flight centers in the nation are at risk of losing their privileges to operate.

Pilot Picks Wrong Tree

Pilot get in trouble and tosses reserve. Surprise ending...