Skydiving at 30,000 feet

Skydiving at 30,000 feet

Need for Speed

Powered Parachuting fun flying

Starting Powered Parachuting

Starting Powered Parachuting

Infinite Tumbles – World Record

Infinate Tumbles Record
There is a new paragliding acrobatic world record. Two time World Cup Champion, Horacio Llorens from Spain, has set a new World Record for Infinite Tumbles, one of the most difficult paragliding acrobatic maneuvers. Horacio jumped from a helicopter in the Himalayans at 17,000 feet MSL and performed 281 revolutions in his Sol Paraglider. This broke the old world record...

Air Cowboys Under Fire

Air Cowboys Under Fire
A wildlife advocacy group, WildEarth Guardians, is petitioning President Obama to help stop the gunning down of coyotes from ultralight aircraft in the state of Idaho. The practice of hunting from ultralight was approved by the Federal government back in 2006 after ranchers lobbied the Feds for another way to kill the coyotes that feed off their livestock. The Airborne...

Jetman Bails into Ocean

Jetman Bails into Ocean
A Swiss adventurer, Yves Rossy, went down into the Atlantic Ocean after hitting turbulent air which caused equipment failure. While attempting to cross the Strait of Gilbralter from Africa to Europe, the self proclaimed 'Jetman' had to pull his reserve chute after getting caught in turbulent clouds. His attempted crossing was being billed as the first intercontinental crossing by man using jet-powered wings...

Pilots Reach Out

Pilots Reach Out
While competing in a hang gliding competition in Ecuador in 2008, Jeff O'Brien was touched by the poverty stricken region. He vowed that before coming back again for the 2009 competition that he would try to do something to help those less fortunate.  Jeff and fellow hang gliding competition pilot, Ricker Goldsborough, organized a nearly year long fund raising effort...

Operation Migragation

Operation Migrate
It's that time of year again when a siege of cranes and a gang of ultralight pilots take to the air for their 1,300 mile trip. The graduating class this year consists of 21 whooping cranes that will fly behind the ultralight aircraft from Wisconsin to Florida. For this first time ever, there will be a CraneCam mounted on...

2009 USPA National Skydiving Championships

2009 National Skydiving Championship
The 2009 USPA National Skydiving Championships are taking place from October 12 through the 25th at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, Texas, just south of Houston. This year's event will include formation skydiving, freeflying, style & accuracy, canopy piloting and canopy formation. The first weeks consists of formation skydiving with the second week includes more spectator friendly events such as pond swooping. During...

Powered Paramotor Flies Across Canada

6000 Miles Across Canada
Benjamin Jordan has just completed a 10,000 kilometer powered paramotor crossing of Canada in an effort to raise money for underprivileged children in Canada. Jordan started on the west coast of Canada in Tofino, British Columbia and over 6,200 miles to  John's, Newfoundland. During his trip, Jordan crossed 9 provinces and parts of two oceans.   Jordan began his lengthy journey on...

Powered Parachutes to the Rescue

Powered Parachutes
Powered parachutes are more and more being recognized as a powerful tool to fight crime by local police departments. The slow flying speed of a powered parachute in comparison to a small airplane makes these aircraft a better platform to view the lay of the land and spot illegal activity. Short take off lengths of 100 feet on grass...

2009 United States Paragliding Nationals – Utah

2009 Paragliding Nationals Utah
Part two of the United States Paragliding Nationals was held in Salt Lake City Utah at the Point of the Mountain Flight Park. Event organizers scheduled seven competition days between August 16-22. This is the second half of the US Paragliding Nationals with the first half of the US Paragliding Nationals being held in Dunlap California between April 27th and May...

PPG Wet Launch

Powered Paraglider lands in the drink during launch.

Paramotor Aerobatics

Paramotor Girl and some other guy flying aerobatics

Skydiving Plane to Plane

Skydiver jumps from one plane and lands in another plane in midair

Hang Gliding Pilot Lands in Power Lines

Hang glider pilot burns in power lines in Italy.

2009 US Hang Gliding Nationals – Big Spring

2009 Hang Gliding National Championship Big Spring, TX
 The second half of the 2009 United States Hang Gliding Nationals was held in Big Spring Airport, Texas, about 300 miles west of Dallas. The event took place during August 9-15, 2009. The first half of the Hang Gliding Nationals was held at King Mountain, Idaho during July 20-25 earlier this year. Results from the Big Spring tasks will be...

King Mountain Co-Nationals 2009

King Mountain Hang Gliding Nationals 2009
Skydog Blog - editorial and opinion With a secret veil surrounding the first half of the United States Nationals at King Mountain, the competition was held between July 20th and July 26th. Unless you were there, it was a mystery who won this competition until more than a week after the competition had ended. Results of the competition were withheld...

2009 World Hang Gliding Championship

2009 World Hang Gliding Championship Zac Majors
The 2009 World Hang Gliding Championship was held between June 21st and July 4th at Laragne, France until July 2nd. The USA team consists of Jeff O'Brien, Dustin Martin, Davis Straub, Jeff Shapiro, and Zac Majors. Meet the 2009 World Hang Gliding Team.   Final results This story has been corrected The gold medal goes to Alessandro Ploner. Jon Durand of Australia took...

2009 World Air Games

2009 World Air Games
The United States sent 17 competitors to the World Air Games between June 6th and June 14th 2009. This event is the premier event of for air sports enthusiasts boasting 10 disciplines, 27 competitions, and 3 venues in Italy. The disciplines included in the event were Aerobatics, Aeromodelling, Ballooning, Experimental Aircraft, Gliding, Hang Gliding, Helicopters, Microlights, Parachuting, and Paragliding. Most of the events...