Big Spring US Nationals, Hang Gliding

2010 Hang Gliding National Championships at Big Spring, Texas
The 2010 US Hang Gliding Nationals was held at Big Spring, Texas between Sunday August 15 to Saturday August 21, 2010. In all, 18 pilots took part in this year's competition. Notably absent was Dustin Martin, Jeff Shapiro, and Jeff O'Brien, all being members of the US Hang Gliding team. Larry Brunner held the overall lead for 6 days in a...

World Canopy Piloting Parachuting Championship – 2010

2010 World Skydiving Championship Canopy Piloting
The 3rd FAI World Canopy Piloting Parachuting Championship took place August 7-15, 2020 in Kolomna, Russia. The competition consists of three disciplines, distance, speed, and accuracy with an overall winner declared based upon the scores in each discipline. Jason Moledzky of Canada was first overall followed by Nicholas Batsch of the USA and Shannon Pilcher of the USA. The USA pilots took 4 of...

2010 World Skydiving Championship – Formation and Canopy

2010 World Skydiving Championship
Skydiving specialists from around the globe gathered at the 2010 World Skydiving Championship in Menzelinsk, Russia from August 1st through the 5th to engage in competition for the events of Formation Skydiving and Canopy Formations. The continuation of the World Skydiving Championship is expected to take place next week between August 10-15 in Kolumn, Russia. The USA team competitors did very...

2010 Hang Gliding Pre-World Championship

2010 Pre-Worlds Hang Gliding Championship
The 2010 Pre-World Hang Gliding Hang Gliding Championship took place in Sigillo, Italy between July 30 to August 8. Mangred Ruhmer of Austria took the Gold with Jonny Durrand of Australia taking second place. Two USA competitors, Jeff O'Brien and Zac Majors both won a task in this event. The USA sent two teams this year to the Pre-Worlds with USA1...

Chelan XC Open, 2010

2010 Chelan XC Open U.S. Paragliding Nationals
The first half of the US Nationals Paragliding Championship,  The Chelan XC Open, was held from July 10th to July 15 at the Chelan Butte in Washington state. Chelan Butte is well known for its majestic mountain launch with lots of flatlands below. It also known for serious turbulence that can cause the occasional pilot to pull their reserve chutes. During the competition one...

Skydivers Set Tandem Record

Tandem Skydiving Record
A brother and sister set a 24 hour tandem jumping record in Harbor Springs, Michigan; all in the name of charity. Luther Kurtz and Angela Bishop started at 6:35 pm on June 29th and by the afternoon of the next day, they had broken the old record of 103 tandem jumps in a 24 hour period that was set back...

Texas Single Surface Shootout

Texas Single Surface Shootout
The Texas Single Surface Shootout was held between May 24-29, 2010 at the  Carter Memorial Airfield, north of Luling, Texas. The competition is sanctioned by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and consists of only single surface gliders in a race to goal format. Of the total 16 pilots registered for this event, fourteen flew in the competition. Good weather helped...

World Hang Gliding Championship

2010 World Hang Gliding Championship
The World Hang Gliding Championship was held in Tegelberg, Germany from May 8th to May 22nd, 2010. Probably a more appropriate title for this story is the "Championship That Wasn't". Bad weather including rain and snow caused a cancellation of flying for the Women's World Hang Gliding Championship everyday of the event. The women did not get to fly one...

2010 East Coast Paragliding Championship

2010 East Coast Paragliding Championship
The East Coast Paragliding Championship was held from May 2-8, 2010 at the Florida Ridge Hang Gliding Park. The competition is a flatland cross county, race-to-goal competition. Prize money consists of $500 distributed among the first three overall winners with trophies given to the rest. This event is an USHPA Sanctioned Event and is the first USHPA sanctioned paragliding event in 2010. Final Results...

Flytec Race & Rally 2010

2010 Flytec Race and Rally
The 2010 Flytec Race and Rally was held between April 25 and May 1, 2010. The event consists of 7 days of cross county flying with each day having a different point of departure and a different place to land. Unlike last year, this year's event has no set route. The next days task will be decided by event coordinators depending...

Belite Aircraft Named 2010 Grand Champion Ultralight

2010 Grand Champion Ultralight
The 2010 SUN 'n FUN International Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland Florida attracts over 150,000 pilots and aviation enthusiasts from all over the USA and more than 80 other countries. This year, the expo has named the Belite Superlite Aircraft as the 2010 Grand Champion Ultralight. Boasting a aqua-blue and black dragon paint scheme, the Belite was noted by the...

HD Video Helmet Camera Review

Helmet Camera Review
Be it hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving or ultralighting we all wish we had a video camera to shoot those memorable flying moments. With the spring flying season well underway, we are offering some assistance in chosing the right camera for you. There are two main players in the action sports high definition video camera market: VholdeR and GoPro. Both of...

Rob Kells Memorial 2010

Rob Kells Memorial
The 2nd annual Rob Kells Memorial was held at the Florida Ridge Hang Gliding Park in Clewiston, Florida. The event took place between April 17-23, 2010. Australian Jonny Durand, the 2009 World Hang Gliding Champion Silver Medalist, finished in first followed by USA team members Jeff O'Brien and Dustin Martin. Third and fourth were placed by Jeff Shapiro and Zac Majors. Complete...

Sage Hill Paragliding

Paragliding on Sage Hill

A Leg To Fly

httpv:// A Leg To Fly...Inspirational story of man determined to fly again.

Avatar Goes Hang Gliding

httpv:// Avatar goes hang gliding

P-47 Thunderbolt

P-47 Thunderbolt over the skies of Europe during WW2.

Dubai Parachuting Championship 2010

Dubai Parachuring Championship
With a prize purse totaling $230,000 , there was no shortage of elite skydivers from around the world vying for a shot at the cash. Over 400 world class skydivers from 45 countries descended upon Dubai from January 6 - 18, 2010 to take part in the first parachuting championship in the UAE. American pilots took top spots in several...

Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding

2010 Forbes Flatlands
 The 2010 Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championship was held between the 3rd and 12th of January in Forbes Australia. The weather was so good that a task was at least started every day except for the final day. After nine days of great flying the last day was called off due to pilot fatigue as voted by the pilots. Flying...

Skydiving Comedian

Stand up comedian does comedy during descent