Skydiving Plane to Plane

Skydiver jumps from one plane and lands in another plane in midair

Hang Gliding Pilot Lands in Power Lines

Hang glider pilot burns in power lines in Italy.

2009 US Hang Gliding Nationals – Big Spring

2009 Hang Gliding National Championship Big Spring, TX
 The second half of the 2009 United States Hang Gliding Nationals was held in Big Spring Airport, Texas, about 300 miles west of Dallas. The event took place during August 9-15, 2009. The first half of the Hang Gliding Nationals was held at King Mountain, Idaho during July 20-25 earlier this year. Results from the Big Spring tasks will be...

King Mountain Co-Nationals 2009

King Mountain Hang Gliding Nationals 2009
Skydog Blog - editorial and opinion With a secret veil surrounding the first half of the United States Nationals at King Mountain, the competition was held between July 20th and July 26th. Unless you were there, it was a mystery who won this competition until more than a week after the competition had ended. Results of the competition were withheld...

2009 World Hang Gliding Championship

2009 World Hang Gliding Championship Zac Majors
The 2009 World Hang Gliding Championship was held between June 21st and July 4th at Laragne, France until July 2nd. The USA team consists of Jeff O'Brien, Dustin Martin, Davis Straub, Jeff Shapiro, and Zac Majors. Meet the 2009 World Hang Gliding Team.   Final results This story has been corrected The gold medal goes to Alessandro Ploner. Jon Durand of Australia took...

2009 World Air Games

2009 World Air Games
The United States sent 17 competitors to the World Air Games between June 6th and June 14th 2009. This event is the premier event of for air sports enthusiasts boasting 10 disciplines, 27 competitions, and 3 venues in Italy. The disciplines included in the event were Aerobatics, Aeromodelling, Ballooning, Experimental Aircraft, Gliding, Hang Gliding, Helicopters, Microlights, Parachuting, and Paragliding. Most of the events...

2009 West Coast Paragliding Championship

2009 West Coast Paragliding Championship
The West Coast Paragliding Championship took place between May 31 - June 6th, 2009 at Woodrat Mountain in Ruch, Oregon. With 3 of the 7 tasks cancelled for bad weather, there was almost as much para-waiting as there was flying. Matt Beechinor took first in the Open class. One of Matt's most recent accomplishments include being part of the US...

Parajet Releases Rotary Engines

Parajet has a new line of rotary engines for their paramotors including the "most powerful production paramotor on the market. With just over 40hp and a lot less noise than a 2 stroke engine this has to be ultimate power unit." Currently they are taking orders now and shipping in August. For more information visit:

Flytec Race and Rally

2009 Flytec Race and Rally
What if you were to take a small group of some of the best hang glider pilots in the world, give them a different airstrip to launch from each day, tell them that there is better steak and beer in the next LZ, combine all of this into a competition and what do you get? The Flytec Race and Rally...

2009 United States Paragliding Nationals

2009 U.S. Paragliding Nationals
The 2009 United States Paragliding Nationals begins on Monday in Dunlap, California. Dunlap is a small community located about 40 miles east of Fresno and 20 miles west of the Sequoia National Park The U.S. Paragaliding Nationals begins on Monday April 27th and will last until Sunday, May 3rd. This year’s format is different than recent competitions in that the event...

Police S.O.A.R. to Catch a Thief

Police Soar to Catch a Thief
Palm Bay Police in central Florida are using a new technology to catch a thief. The Search Operation Aerial Response team (S.O.A.R) will use powered paragliders in their day to day operations to conduct aerial surveillance. Besides looking for criminal activity, the police officers will use these aircraft to search for lost children and seniors. They will also patrol...

Ultralight Lands on Truck

Ultralight Lands on Truck

Canyon Pilot Plight

Canyon Pilot Plight
While Lionel De Antoni was landing his powered paraglider he noticed that his motor home was missing and police officers were waiting for his arrival. Dazed and confused, the pilot was arrested, his motor home impounded, his powered paraglider with camera confiscated, and was taken before a judge to answer charges of trespassing. Lionel's flight path that day took him over the...

Paragliding Moron

These paragliding morons will make you laugh until your sides hurt.

Paragliding Synchro Spiral

A Paragliding syncho spiral gone bad when wings collapse and wraps.

Powered Paraglider Wraps Around Liberty

Powered paraglider pilot flies too close to the Statue of Liberty and wraps around torch.

Powered Parachute Terrain Flying

Some low and not so slow powered parachuting

European Paramotoring Tour

A paramotoring trip from Brussels to Istanbul in total autonomy trough 10 countries. 3000km, 22 days, 2 pilots: Maxime van Dyk, Thomas de Dorlodot. 

Paragliding Acrobatics

Paragliding acrobatics including an Asymitrical 360, Sat, Inversion, and Spiral.

Ultralight Breaks Heart

Ultralight smashes through balloons in shape of a heart.